This is a record of my art making, the experiences that I have in everyday life that inspire me and a document of the paintings that I produce. Sometimes I will mention different facts or stories that bear some relevance to manu / birds and New Zealand native flora. One of the key ideas within my work is the celebration of the uniqueness of the native species within Aotearoa / New Zealand.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

On his Perch

my favourite tui yet!

So I was very well behaved and I did complete him in a sensible fashion. I so love the simplicity of oriental aesthetics and the whole philosophy around what is 'not there' being as important as what is, leaving out the perch was definitely pushing that sentiment a bit too far.

Ehoa Tui 2011

It is so nice getting used to my little camera again. I had lent it to my mum so she could take it overseas with her and I borrowed her camera instead. Although her camera is so much flasher, I love my little lumix.

detail of the layered up reds and greens of the pohutukawa

detail of the tui

Enjoy . . . there will be additional images within his listing should you wish to be nosy Ehoa Tui on Toggle


Louise said...

Gosh this is fascinating. I am in awe of your detail, I could never paint like that! It's so beautiful. I hope to own one for myself one day... :)

ella thomas said...

Awwww thanks Louise :) I would love to have one of your gorgeous journals too!

softearthart said...

Just lovely Ella, I am a bird lover. Welcome to New Zealand Handmade, I am a member, cheers Marie

ella thomas said...

Hey Marie, thank you. Birds are just the best I think too :)

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